Dance in the Vampire Bund 07

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Well, being the Shaft fanboy I am, I’ve been watching this show. The premise, of vampires outing themselves in order to establish a human-recognized society, seemed interesting enough. Of course, the economics of them paying off Japan’s entire debt is a bit ridiculous – a sudden injection of that much money into an economy would most certainly lead to hyperinflation, which, even in the presence of real economic growth, would be a very bad thing. With no knowledge of the source material, I found the story to be a bit cryptic. There are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that are only mentioned in brief. I’ve heard that the manga went deeper into the political intrigue, and I sometimes found myself wanting to see more of that.
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Bakemonogatari 12 – Tsubasa Cat 2

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“We’re going on a date. No, that’s not right… Date… Would you please go on a date with me? What if you went out on a date with me? … Then let’s go on a date, Araragi-kun.”
– Senjougahara Hitagi, opening minutes.

A truly romantic episode. It had nothing to do with the title, but that ends up not mattering even a little bit. This episode provides us with a wonderful, deeply emotional finale to the TV airing of Bakemonogatari.
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Bakemonogatari 11 – Tsubasa Cat 1

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More artfully drawn and directed conversations, slapstick comedy, fanservice, and a flashback sequence with disturbing revelations about our new heroine.
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Bakemonogatari 10 – Nadeko Snake 2

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New OP this week, for the new heroine, as to be expected. Renai Circulation (or Romantic Circulation, I guess, if you translate it) sung by Kana Hanazawa, the voice actor for Sengoku Nadeko.
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