Bakemonogatari 14 – Tsubasa Cat Part 4

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Well, thanks to the great Korean subber CORAN , I had the pleasure of watching the 14th episode of Bakemonogatari, titled Tsubasa Cat Part 4, last night. Of course, this is just the 3rd episode in the Tsubasa Cat arc, as Tsubasa Cat Part 2 was dedicated to the relationship between Koyomi and Hitagi (an excellent episode, if you’ll recall). This episode felt very much like an in-between episode, like Tsubasa Cat Part 3, with not a whole lot happening plot-wise, but the conversations, as usual, made it an entertaining one anyway.
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Bakemonogatari 12 – Tsubasa Cat 2

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“We’re going on a date. No, that’s not right… Date… Would you please go on a date with me? What if you went out on a date with me? … Then let’s go on a date, Araragi-kun.”
– Senjougahara Hitagi, opening minutes.

A truly romantic episode. It had nothing to do with the title, but that ends up not mattering even a little bit. This episode provides us with a wonderful, deeply emotional finale to the TV airing of Bakemonogatari.
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Bakemonogatari 11 – Tsubasa Cat 1

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More artfully drawn and directed conversations, slapstick comedy, fanservice, and a flashback sequence with disturbing revelations about our new heroine.
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Bakemonogatari 10 – Nadeko Snake 2

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New OP this week, for the new heroine, as to be expected. Renai Circulation (or Romantic Circulation, I guess, if you translate it) sung by Kana Hanazawa, the voice actor for Sengoku Nadeko.
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